Power Station

Power Station

Portable Power Solution

Portable Power Stations can be widely used indoors for emergencies. They provide enough power to charge cell phones, computers and to run refrigerators and televisions. Outdoors they can be used for garden lighting and camping.

Most portable power stations allow the use of multiple outlets for AC and DC power through USB. A visible, intelligent screen displays power recharge functions, power consumption, charge time to full energy capacity and remaining power. The smart app wireless control offers versatile design and user- friendly function when connected to the user’s cell phone.

Home Power Stations

The Home Power Station incorporates a solar panel generator, inverter, battery energy storage and a power management system.

During crisis or emergency situations such as storms , wildfires, or blackouts, the home power station keeps families safe and connected. Users have access to laptops, cell phones, medical devices and news alerts.

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